Saturday, April 3, 2021

Discover the new Android features

 Interpreter translates everything from one of the 118 languages, reads and repeat translation in over 65 voices. 

Main features:   

✓ Listen your voice.

✓ Translates voice, text, images, documents, audio into more than 100 languages.

✓ Reads text and create/Save/Share audio file.

✓ Saves Translation history.

✓ Quick sharing on social or other apps.

✓ Create pdf documents from the translation.

✓ Offline translation and sound reader option.

✓ Image text recognition  and translation.

✓ Conversation panel.

✓ Word  , Excel  and Power Point  files translation.

✓ Audio panel for mp3 and others audio format transcription and translation.

✓ New UI in Dark Mode.

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